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Taught by Tanya Avrith - Education Evangelist at Adobe

As an advocate for student voice, Tanya Avrith believes in the power of storytelling in Education. She has seen stories help kids explore their creativity, construct their identities and connect with others first-hand – a principle that she has the privilege of spreading with the help of Adobe Education, as their Education Evangelist.

As a teacher, Tanya integrates technology with purpose – believing that today’s stories are best told and shared with the help of tech tools. Her work with education technology led to a collaboration with a Superintendent to bring a digital citizenship program and best practices district-wide. Their program created a tech-positive culture across the school district and was lauded by parents within the community, local news, EdTech researchers, and in the seminal work ‘Digital Citizenship for Schools’.

Tanya’s desire to learn and grow within education technology is insatiable. She completed an MA in EdTech and continued to seek out programs like Apple Distinguished Educator, Google Certified Innovator, and Adobe Education Leader to deepen her knowledge and curiosity. She can often be seen speaking at national and regional EdTech conferences on stage, in a workshop, or the tradeshow floor. Tanya can’t stop and won’t stop collaborating with teachers and leaders to create more possibilities for students to share their stories.

With a passion for using tools with pedagogical purpose, Tanya co-authored The Google Infused Classroom. A book that has helped thousands of teachers worldwide take their edtech education into their own hands – where learning belongs.